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Linnworks 'Changing the eCommerce World' Competition Winners


Wow! What a success the Linnworks competition has been this year.

Every year at Linn Systems we host a competition to give you guys a shot at winning some freebies for the New Year. Last year, we asked you to tell the world what you thought of us. This year we asked you to send in a picture either by yourself or with your team holding up a sign reading:

'We're Changing the eCommerce World'

And in that respect you are all winners, because you are showing that you are living the sign!

This year we had 43 entries and over 3.38k votes! Yesterday alone we accumulated over 14,000 page views – Those numbers are astonishing, and we are understandably pleased with the outcome.

The whole team here at LinnSystems would like to thank you - for your participation, for your outstanding sense of humour, and for your commitment in drumming up votes!

We had such great fun viewing all of your entries, and we have a few of our own personal favourites too.

Without further ado, let’s see how the results panned out. The votes were piling up, all day every day. We have had 8 different contestants in the joint lead at one point, it really was close!

In 5th place, with 298 votes, was Shirley Scott from HandPrinted with a very popular entry. Shirley’s entry was one of the first submissions. Promoting her entry in the competition via her newsletter, she offered an incentive for confirmed votes, and got a great response from her customers.

We are changing the eCommerce World

In 4th place, with 325 votes, was Steven Walder with his team from thegiftoasis. Using his fan base on Facebook & Twitter Stephen accrued a large quantity of votes on the final two days to take him into the top 5 places.

Did you like the contest? Was it engaging?

“Yes, the contest was certainly engaging, but fourth place is the third loser, so we'll have to try harder next time!”

What do you have to say to the eCommerce World?

“It's a tough world out there, so keep on top of the changing technologies and keep moving with the times.”

Here is Stephen and the Team.

We're Changing the eCommerce World

In 3rd place is Mohammed Ali Khan with 345 votes! Those extra 20 votes got Mohammed Autonomous Sync FREE for 12 months, (worth £480 ex. VAT). His entry is below:

We're Changing the eCommerce World

In 2nd place was Jason Grimwood, from Grim Goblin. Sporting a spectacular Stormtrooper costume, kit like that means his 445 votes are no surprise.

Jason was a big fan of the competition, and was inspired to look at the other entrants and see who else was using Linnworks. As a small company, he found it was great to see the wide range and size of other businesses that use the same software as he is. It reassured him that his company could grow without outgrowing Linnworks. Jason used his Social Media accounts, forums and was supported by friends and family in his effort to achieve a good result in the contest.

Check out his awesome entry:


And finally, everyone’s been waiting to find out who made it to 1st place…

With an almighty 761 votes, Craig Constantinides from Go2Games stormed past the competition with his entry. Craig and the team were ecstatic when we made contact, dancing around the room, apparently they had never won anything before!

Effectively targeted marketing, and a customer base of loyal gamers that were socially engaged with Go2Games enabled them to reach their 761 votes!

Did you like the contest? Was it engaging?

“The contest was somewhat too engaging yesterday, as we only really got communications out to our customer base over the last two days. It’s a bit like starting a Facebook event for your birthday and inviting all of your 800 friends in the hope that at least four will turn up - Targeting the correct ones makes all the difference!"

What do you have to say to the eCommerce World?

“We believe that friendly informative and helpful interaction with a smile can still be achieved in an online transaction. Strip your corporate shackles, give as much as you take. Employ people with passion and that care, and finally if you’re not setting out to get all of it right then do not bother. Ecommerce is so much more than a pretty faced webpage.”

Here lies the number 1 entry:


We had so many entries this year, and being a kind as we are – we wanted to throw one more prize in there!

At Linn Systems we held an internal to choose our very own favourite from those that hadn’t won a prize. Izzy really tugged at our heart strings (We do have hearts!).

It was such a pleasure calling Gavin Peart who submitted the entry notoriously named ‘DOG IN A BOAT!’
Gavin’s entry only got 89 votes, but I spoke to Gavin earlier and his reply is below:

Hello Sam

It was great to speak with you earlier, and we are really pleased to have had our photo selected by the Linn Systems team as your favourite. We are really grateful to receive the additional prize and Izzy will be getting some extra dog treats too!

Did you like the contest? Was it engaging?

The team here at The Alchemists Apothecary really enjoyed putting our entry together, and it was a genuine team effort that came up with the final submission. For votes, we pretty much relied on family, friends and Izzy’s fan base!

What do you have to say to the eCommerce World?

What we would say to the ecommerce world is - Grasp the opportunities that come your way! You may not always get the results you were directly aiming for, but sometimes the outcome can be just as good if not better!

Here is the famous Izzy!


Thank-you ever so much for your participation, your entries and your votes. This years success and engagement gives us great optimism for the next competition!

Happy New Year!

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