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Linnworks expands to include Amazon Mexico


Following a recent request on our User Voice account, the Linnworks development team is excited to reveal its newest channel integration, Amazon Mexico. eCommerce in Mexico grew by 30% this year and is expected to continue growing at that rate for at least the next 3 years, while only accounting for 1.5% of all retail ($6 Billion).

We share our five top tips to help our customers tap into one of the fastest growing eCommerce markets in the world.

  1. Translation
    Ever seen a listing written in poor English? Has it put you off buying from that company? Ensuring your listings are translated correctly is a crucial part of successfully selling overseas. For more information on listing translation, contact us here.
  2. Take advantage of existing infrastructure
    Amazon FBA recently expanded into Mexico and this is an invaluable tool for anyone selling in a new country. By working with FBA, you get access to high-quality pre-built logistics networks with very little up-front investment.
  3. Test and try new things
    Selling on a new marketpalces is a great opportunity to try and test marketing products and ideas. A new product you find in Mexico could be a potential popular item to sell in your home market, and you could be the first to introduce it.
  4. Assess your new customer base
    Understanding your new customers is a crucial part of making overseas selling a success. As a merchant, get to know your customers’ needs. Do they expect a certain type of customer service, or different delivery times than you’re used to? Not understanding these differences can quickly damage a seller’s reputation, so make sure you do your research.
  5. Speak to existing merchants
    No one knows better about selling in a new market than a company that has already expanded there. Reach out to a fellow eCommerce company in Mexico and discuss your expansion plans?

While these top tips work for expanding into any new marketplace. Do you have any? Why not comment below and tell us how you have found expanding into new marketplaces.

Find out how to set up Amazon Mexico and using it alongside your other selling channels, here.

For more information on eCommerce in Mexico, take a look at this great eMarketer article.



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