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Linnworks integrates with Amazon shipping


Linnworks are happy to announce that we've released a new integration directly with the Amazon Buy Shipping service. This new feature will enable our online selling community to buy shipping services directly from Amazon, and has a range of benefits for Amazon sellers including:

  • No registration if you already have an Amazon selling account
  • You can pay directly from your Amazon accounts with your earnings from your sales
  • The order is also marked as despatched as soon as the shipping is purchased, ensuring your account remains healthy in Amazon’s eyes
  • Tracking information is then automatically uploaded to Amazon, meaning your customers stay up-to-date with the status of their order
  • Amazon automatically chooses the cheapest service acceptable for your order, meaning you could save money on your shipping through this service

Currently this service is only available on Amazon and there are some limitations you should be aware of, including the inability to split single orders into multiple packages. For many Amazon sellers this does, however, provide a great new way to ship and manage their hard-won orders. For more information on buying shipping from Amazon make sure you take a look at Amazon Seller Central.

Extra features within Linnworks

By using Linnworks to manage your Amazon Shipping purchases, you can benefit from embedding the label directly onto your invoices or packing slips, meaning less paperwork & printing and a streamlined packing process. You can also use Linnworks to print these labels using a thermal printer, which results in a higher quality and cost-savings on bulk printing. For the full set-up documentation and how-tos, follow the button below.

Click Here For Docs

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