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Changes to Linnworks Local


Hi there,

Many of you know we are no longer offering Linnworks Local to new clients, and at this point many of you have been contacted by myself to tell you about our plans for the future of Linnworks Local.

As you may be aware, we have been focussing our efforts on updating and developing the Anywhere system, with one of the newer features that we’re working on being the browser-based

We recently presented a preview of the new interface and functionality at our Linn Academy Workshops in Manchester and Reading:

Unfortunately due to these coming changes we will be ending our support of the Linnworks Local Version on January 31st, 2015.

So where does that leave me?

Linnworks Local will still continue to work after this date and we will no longer be charging you for using the platform and its functionality.

The downside is that there will be no more updates for this version and as channels and couriers update their services you may notice Linnworks Local not functioning as expected.

We can assist you in moving onto Linnworks Anywhere instead, which we continue to update and support, as well as offering newer functionality such as Linnlive and The move is relatively quick, and your data and settings will remain intact, but as we get further from January, this process may take longer, due to the continued changes we’ll be making to Anywhere.

Linnworks Anywhere is hosted on Amazon servers for reliability and security. We manage backups and maintenance, reducing your work outside of Linnworks. Support queries and issues can be recreated and investigated by our support team without them having to arrange a time to dial into your PC.

We can offer you a 12 months discount on an Anywhere subscription to assist you (we’ll match the cost you’re currently paying for Local for the next 12 months). We want to reduce the financial impact, to help you get used to the additional value we can now bring to your business. In summary:


Up to 31st January 2015

  • Where possible updates to Linnworks Local will be provided to ensure current functionality remains intact
  • Continuation of the support levels that are provided with the subscribed plan


Post 31st January 2015

  • Linnworks Local is free to use. Linn Systems cannot guarantee reliability or functionality
  • No further updates for Linnworks Local
  • No technical support provided for Linnworks Local
  • Favourable pricing will be honoured for upgrades to Linnworks Anywhere

I am here for any of your questions, queries or concerns. Please feel free to contact me any time.

Kind regards,

Josh Neale
Customer Experience Manager

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