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Linnworks Movemeber - 2015


What started as a light conversation in the Business Development team has led to a number of the Linnworks staff sporting some rather dashing facial hair! 8 of the Linnworks team have undertaken the challenge to raise money for men's mental health, cancer and men's fitness. Every one of the team have completed the task of not shaving their mo' for the month, but I think we can agree, some have grown much more impressive moustaches than others. 

We need your help!

We have set the goal of raising over a thousand pounds and we would love you to sponsor us! Below you can see  some of the taches’ that we have grown. Why not comment below on who is your favourite, and make sure you let us know if you sponsor us, we would really appreciate it!


For more information on the Movember foundation, make sure you check out

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