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Linnworks October Workshop Videos

Linnworks WorkshopsAfter the completion of our successful London and Manchester workshops, the team at Linn Systems have put up videos of the talks for those who were unable to attend.

Available on YouTube, there were 3 sessions, presented by our CEO, Fedor Dzjuba, our User Support Team Leader, Mark Aldous and Mike Farley, Development and Technical Support Representative.

Cross Border Trading (CBT) on eBay with Linnnworks - Fedor Dzjuba

In this workshop, Fedor demonstrates the use of Linnworks to list products on international eBay marketplaces, in this case eBay France.

Linnworks’ functionality enables the use of machine translation to automatically change the content, or alternatively human translation can be used. Fedor discusses ways that listing products on multiple marketplaces can allow you to maximise the returns and turnover for your existing stock.

How to Ship with Ease – Mike Farley

Mike explains the difference between direct and bespoke integration in Linnworks, with a focus on Linnworks’ direct Royal Mail integration which Mike works extensively with.

Mike covers setting up your couriers, creating shipping methods, mapping shipping methods to selling channels and producing shipping labels. He also looks at several different ways to process your orders in the software, and the use of integrated labels.

Automate almost everything – Scripting in Linnworks – Mark Aldous

Mark is the User Support Team Leader here at Linn Systems, and in this workshop he discusses the ways you can further automate common tasks within Linnworks.

Different methods are suited to different actions, and Mark looks at how you can assess the tasks you want to automate and then using the correct method(s).

Mark finishes this workshop by demonstrating production of a simple macro script for you.

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