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Linnworks Release GAME Integration


We are excited to announce a brand new integration with the GAME Marketplace. The Linnworks development team have worked hard to build this new integrations and after a successful beta period, we already have a number of online sellers successfully selling their online goods on the GAME platform through Linnworks. 

The GAME marketplace specialises in all things gaming, and has a range of categories for online sellers. The categories include, but are not limited to:

  • Clothing & Fashion
  • Computers & Hardware
  • Novelty gaming themed items
  • Console attachments and add-ons

One of the key benefits to selling on the GAME marketplace is its brand and market position, as it sits at the centre of the gaming community. Because of this, GAME is one of the fastest growing marketplaces in the UK in this specialism, and we strongly advise anyone selling gaming or computer related items to take a look.

To learn more about selling on the GAME marketplace, click here.

If you already have a GAME selling account and want to learn how to integrate this into Linnworks, click here for the full documentation and how-to's.

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