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Linnworks release WooCommerce Integration


Linnworks have recently launched their newest website platform integration, which means we now have a direct integration with one of the fastest growing, most popular website platforms in the world. This new functionality will allow Linnworks customers to manage inventory, update stock levels and manage orders, and Linnworks is now able to offer a complete back-end solution to any WooCommerce user.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows users to sell directly from their WordPress sites to customers. By offering all of the facilities of a fully functioning eCommerce website, along with the ease of use of both WooCommerce and Wordpress, it has seen them become one of the most popular eCommerce website solutions in the world.

Linnworks & WooCommerce Integration

For guidance on how to get your WooCommerce integration set up, just watch the video below.

For full documentation and how-to guides click the button below. 

WooCommerce Docs Here
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