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Linnworks Partners - eCommerce Specialists

partnerLinnworks has been building our partner program for a while now, with interested companies learning about Linnworks, and being able to offer people their assistance to help their business grow faster and more effectively.

With the relaunch of our website, we decided to bring these partners a bit more to the fore, to make it easier for our customers to see who they are, and get the right assistance for their needs.

For new customers, an implementation partner can help you to go through your requirements, and the steps and information needed to get Linnworks up and live. They can look at timescales and targets, and help you to avoid common pitfalls. They can then perform the whole process for you - reducing the impact on your staff, and assisting with training as part of the transition.

For existing users, our partners can assist you with a new channel setup, for example, or setting up new shipping partners. If you aren't sure that you're getting the best from your system, then we have partners who can talk to you about how you are using Linnworks, or visit and advise you on good practice with the system. Some of you have been using Linnworks for a while now, and we've been rolling out updates, new features and changes every month, so a refresh might give you fresh insights.

Those of you that have had assistance from our partners when first setting up, might find you don't want to be getting into setting up new selling channels or changing your shipping over. Our technical specialists can offer advice and training sessions. Our partners can be there to take the strain for you, and free your staff up to continue doing their jobs while the system is changed or updated on your behalf.

Languages1Translation and CBT

Some of our partners offer assistance with translation and CBT (Cross Border Trade). This means that when you're looking at expanding into new markets, but aren't sure of the best way to proceed, they can help you make it happen with minimal experimentation and risk. This can save lots of time and money, and allow you to grow quicker, and more efficiently.

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