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Magento Store Owners: How To Optimise Your Site's Performance


A lot of our customers are using the open source Magento platform to drive their online store, or multiple online stores, as Magento can control multiple shops, or even different storefronts for the same store in multiple languages.

However, in some cases, even with brand new installations of Magento, customers get issues with performance.

For example: Timeout errors, deadlocks stopping records from updating, even ‘just’ very slow performance on an otherwise well specified server.

Because Linnworks communicates with Magento via its API (Application/Program Interface), if there is an issue on Magento it may prevent requests from Linnworks from being completed (listing creation and update, stock level changes, price changes) even though Linnworks has been notified about the request.

Similarly, it may stop Linnworks from receiving orders for you to process, and therefore won’t trigger availability changes on other channels or purchase order recommendations. More importantly, customers won’t receive their orders.

For Magento experts, there are settings that can be changed and tweaked to try and avoid this occurring. For the those with limited expertise, we’ve been alerted to another option by one of our customers in our forum.

This is an extension called ‘Fast Asynchronous Re-Indexing’ by a company called Mirasvit.

The idea is simple. Magento can become slow because it has trouble keeping track of all the changes it must make, or locating the information it needs when there are links between records in sever parts of the database all linked together.

This extension adds new functionality to allow your Magento site to index and update its records at the same time it is processing requests from the store or applications like Linnworks.

This means that your site becomes more responsive, and you get far fewer errors or issues, because Magento’s database is kept up to date at all times.

In essence, the site uses less of its resources to achieve the same end result, meaning your business works faster, your customers are happier and you don’t have to upgrade your server for a while longer to keep up with your needs.

They even have a money-back guarantee, so it seems like they may be onto a winner here. Let us know if you try this out, and how it's helped you. The customer who suggested it is a big fan.

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