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How To: Maximising Visibility on eBay

All online retailers aspire to be at the top of the search results page for their product - fact. After all,  sellers need their listings to appear in-front of the buyers that are most interested in products that they sell, in order to increase the chances of a successful sale. On eBay, this comes in the form of Best Match, designed to help buyers find what they are looking for from sellers that they trust.

While there is no guaranteed formula for getting a good position search, there are things you can do to improve your chances of ranking well on eBay. The bottom-line best practices for optimising your position in search are consistent with good business practices for maximising sales.

Best Match Visibility

How does it work?

Understanding the basic principles of Best Match can be regarded as a nearly essential skill for eBay sellers, and will give you the foundations to adjust your listings. It is important to remember that Best Match considers a number of factors and can vary by category, but also to note that it’s part of a constantly changing environment that will continue to evolve in response to buyer’s interests and behaviour.

‘To show buyers the most relevant and popular items for their search, Best Match considers a number of criteria. Some are consistent for all categories and listing formats and some are unique. Auction-style and Fixed Price listings are sorted separately according to the most relevant criteria and then intermingled to show buyers a good mix of both types of listings on each page of search results. Key factors considered regardless of format or category include seller track record, competitive pricing (including shipping cost), and the relevance of the listing in relation to what the buyer is looking for.‘ –

As you can see from eBay’s fairly generic explanation, this is not exactly a detailed guide on ensuring that you are at the top of the search results. However there are some good practices that will help you get there, and will likely maximise your sales.

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Best Match Best Practices

Price Competitively

Offer good prices and reasonable shipping. It’s always a good idea to keep on top of prices for the articles you sell, especially Fixed Price listings. Analyse the market, be aware of prices on other marketplaces too – Buyers want the best deal, and won’t be afraid of looking at several marketplaces.

Customer Satisfaction

Offer consistently excellent service. Keep it coming and earn yourself Top-Rated Seller status as recognition of your high standards. Top Rated Sellers benefit from an exclusive increase in exposure under Best Match for their Fixed Price listings. Sellers like to see that you have a badge, it inspires faith in that you will provide quality service.
Adhering to eBay’s minimum standard for all sellers is recommended. Falling below this will result in both your Fixed Price and Auction Style listings will be lowered in search results.

Tip – Every buyer loves free shipping and offering this can actually give your Fixed Price listings a boost in the search results. Furthermore this will contribute towards your Detailed Seller Ratings, an important factor in Top Rated Seller Requirements.

Effective Titling

Write accurate and relevant titles. Relevance is key, appropriate keywords will increase the exposure of your listings. Ensure that you include all of your relevant keywords and exclude all irrelevant keywords. Describe your item effectively – name, designer, size, colour and condition. Importantly, make sure that your listing title is spelled correctly.

Unique Identification

Optimise your visibility on search engines like Google & Yahoo by including unique identifiers like Universal Product Codes (UPCs), European Article Numbers (EANs), or International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) in your listings.


Its common sense, but it still happens. List in the most relevant category for your product.


Be as descriptive as can be with your product. Buyers will want to know everything about what they could be purchasing. List your item’s features, attributes and condition by using the item specific fields provided by eBay. Product condition is one of the first criteria that a buyer will look for prior to purchase. If you do not specify that your product is new, than buyers will not find it when narrowing their search.


Sellers on eBay are now able to include up to 12 pictures to each of your new, re-listed or renewed listings free of charge! This allows you to better showcase your inventory on the marketplace. Buyers like to see what they are purchasing. High Quality images will attract potential buyers to your listing and will enhance your visibility. Read our article on Image Optimisation for eBay.

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