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A month on the road: October with the Linnworks team

Linnworks on the RoadOctober has been a busy month for us here at Linn Systems. We’ve been out of the office almost as much as we've been in it. We've been meeting our customers, working with various partners and letting everyone see us in the flesh, without our headsets or keyboards in the way.

Lets look back at where we've been, and who we've met.

eCommerce Expo – 2-3rd October

We started the month with a bang – The eCommerce Expo in London’s Olympia. The number 1 event in the UK, covering all aspects of selling online, this year it attracted over 6 and a half thousand attendees. We had 4 team members on our stand, but not the same 4 on each day. Of course we had our favourite artist, Mr Shiz, on hand with a live mural to help entertain the attendees, and pique their interest in Linnworks!

As you may remember, last year Mr Shiz gave us some very mobile artwork to promote us to the attendees.

This isn't the droid you're looking for - LinnworksThis year, he painted us a live mural in our stand, drawing the attention of passers by for a very different reason. We think you'll agree it turned out pretty well.

We were kept very busy both days, and not just with people intrigued by the artwork! We met customers old and new, and a number of partners, such as iwoca and RemovetheBackground were there to exhibit as well. It was great to meet everyone, and a learning experience for us, and gave us a chance to introduce Linnworks to a lot of people who had never considered what Business Automation software could do for them.

You can even see their video from the show at this link.

With friends old and new met, business cards and brochures exchanged and more than a few explanations, demonstrations and questions answered, we can happily say that an exhausting, but exhilarating time was had by all. Next year, we'll be at the same stand, 1322, and we look forward to seeing you all again, if you can make it.

Online Seller Meetup, London - 2nd October


After a busy day at the eCommerce Expo, Fjodor Dzjuba and Artem Verovenko headed to the Blue Anchor in London for an Online Seller Meetup. Joining with the iwoca team, they met a number of sellers and partners, including Catherine McDonald from Remove the Background and Chris Dawson from Tamebay, to discuss areas of change and interest with the wealth of sellers in attendance.

UKTI Click:Connect:Sell – 16th October

UK Trade & Investment

As part of their contribution to the UKTI’s campaign to encourage UK businesses to explore Cross Border Trade, Fjodor Dzjuba the CEO of Linn Systems, and Artem Verovenko, our Head of Business Development, attended the Click:Connect:Sell event at the Millbank Media Center in London. The theme of the event was educating the attendees about making their products available for purchase in markets across the world as quickly and efficiently as possible. The focus here was around online selling as the most effective avenue to reach those new markets, and to inspire them to try something new and increase their business' potential. with over 218 companies attending, it was a busy event, with lots of opportunity to meet new people!

Click_Connect_Sell_Workshops_BannerAlongside companies such as Alibaba and eBay, Fjodor ran a workshop titled “Big Data, Small Companies”, looking at the ways that small businesses are empowered by online marketplaces to create and explore their own opportunities in foreign countries. The old model of distribution partners, market research companies, etc is no longer compulsory, businesses can cover their needs by themselves with judicious research and forethought. By listing your products in these new countries, you can make them available from your existing stock and facilities, and see if there is a market for them, and follow up by reinforcing success. Identifying the strongest potential markets means you can make the best use of your resources, and maximise returns overall, always a good thing!

ClickConnectSellWith a discussion following his talk, the focus was on helping attendees understand how much they could achieve, and the lower levels of risk involved over ‘traditional’ methods with the right planning. All three sessions were well attended, and the response to the message was very positive. It was a rewarding day, and it's always nice to help businesses realise how much potential there is for growth with Multichannel retail.

Please see this link for some video of the day and attendees.

Linnworks Workshop, Manchester – 22nd October

ManchesterOne of the big initiatives for this month was the first ever Linnworks Workshops. Hosted by 6 leading members of the Linnworks Team, this free event allowed just under 50Linnworks users to get together, learn more about using Linnworks effectively and, of course, ask questions and network. It represented an opportunity for them to learn more about the system, and for us to look at any queries they have about our system. With talks by Fjodor Dzjuba on Cross Border Trading, Mike Farley on Shipping in Linnworks and Mark Aldous on Scripting in Linnworks, it gave the attendees the chance to appreciate the opportunities Linnworks gives them to empower their business.

Our partners were in attendance, in the form of the owner of eBusiness Guru, Tejas Dave, and John Pemberton - showing that one of our strengths is our strong ties to the partners that help our customers with so many aspects of eCommerce both within and alongside Linnworks. We don't just offer a strong solution, but with our own experience and that of these partners, we want to help our subscribers use their resources for the maximum return.


A massive success, we received so many positive responses from the attendees who had their eyes opened to all the parts of Linnworks they hadn’t been using, or at least hadn’t been using to their potential.

Online Seller Meetup, Edinburgh - 24th October

Glass House

Finishing the month of in style, we sent Fjodor and Artem up to the Glass House Hotel in Edinburgh. Co-Sponsoring the Edinburgh meetup of online sellers with our partners at iwoca, over 100 sellers from across Scotland came to meet us, each other, and to learn about what is happening, and what is coming over the horizon. Christophe Rieche from iwoca and Artem hosted.

The AttendeesWith Chris Dawson from TameBay, Shaf Rasul for the Online Dragon's Den, Kevin McCallum from FreeAgent and Jane Bell, the eAuction Anorak in attendance, as well as talks, there was a discussion panel looking at eCommerce in general. It gave all the attendees a chance to learn more about what they needed, and what information and tools were available to help them do more with what they have.

The Panel

The attendees gave everyone a great reception, and there is no doubt we'll be returning for more meetups. It was great to get north of the border and meet new friends, and maybe partners!


Linnworks Workshop, London - 29th October

LondonOur second workshop took place in the capital, with the same topics being covered for a fresh set of Linnworks subscribers. In attendance was Dave Forrest from eBay, Head of Cross Border Trade and Online Shop Partnerships, making use of the opportunity to meet sellers and learn more about what sellers are looking for, while also educating them about what eBay are planning, both now and for the future.

Once again, an overwhelmingly positive response from all attending, and reassurance to all of us that we'll be looking to run more and better workshops in the new year! We have all the talks available in our blog as streaming videos for those that couldn't make it.


Thanks again to everyone we met this month, and to all those reading for helping to make Linnworks such a vibrant community. We're constantly amazed by the enthusiasm, knowledge and drive you all have, and how you not only help us to grow Linnworks, but help each other. If you have any ideas or questions about future workshops and events, please contact us at Your opinions and ideas are important to us - It's you we're building Linnworks for!



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