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New Fruugo Integration

It's a wonderful world we live in now, especially in the world of eCommerce. So many opportunities and marketplaces available, with more starting up all the time. Tools, such as Linnworks, to help you sell stock at the right place to the right people in the same town, the same country or abroad.

As you know from our monthly emails, we're not standing still here at Linn Systems. We try to add support for new marketplaces and sites, and new shipping options on a regular basis, and we're also updating the software itself to make it easier to use and more capable. We're approached by companies with new services, and those with existing services and marketplaces regularly. These companies have been told by their users they are working with us, and want to be part of our solution. We also talk with our existing partners about the changes and improvements they are making.

A lot of the decisions we make about our growth are driven by you, our customers. We at Linn Systems obviously know what we want the software to do, but we also know that you, the seller, are our market, and our customers. This means we keep an eye on what you want. Whether it's your support tickets and Live Chats when you're asking us questions, in Training Sessions, in the Question and Answer sessions after the weekly 'Getting Started' webinar, or via the Forums and Uservoice - We are listening to your questions and ideas. Every week our development team meet to discuss what our users are asking for; New marketplaces, shipping options or features; We want to see if it will make Linnworks better for the majority of our users, and make it more attractive to those who haven't tried us yet!

One of this month's additions is a new Fruugo Integration, designed to make it easy for you to to sell in a number of different countries as easily as possible. We'd like to let them introduce themselves to you, and let you decide if you want to look at them - Maybe as another option to increase sales and profits, while benefiting from the ease with which you can add their service to Linnworks, as a number of sellers already do:

Fruugo Integration Fruugo operates a unique global shopping marketplace – one central marketplace for all shoppers and all retailers, irrespective of where in the world they are.

Fruugo is multi-country, multi-language, multi-currency, multi-shipping and multi VAT compatible. It’s like Amazon Marketplace, but global. Cross-border sales are widely predicted to grow by over 500% between 2013 and 2015, and there’s literally no other globally-connected site other than Fruugo to help you take advantage immediately.

Through Linnworks, you simply list your products for sale in any/all of Fruugo’s 23 countries around the world. Fruugo orders are processed like your other Linnworks orders, so stock levels are automatically updated across all your channels.

The only cost of the service is Fruugo’s 10% commission, inclusive of all currency, payment processing and anti-fraud fees. There are no other fees whatsoever.

CEO of Fruugo, Dominic Allonby, says; "Fruugo already has numerous Linnworks retailers and this integration now opens the door for all other Linnworks users to join Fruugo too, thereby engaging in the rapidly expanding global retailing phenomenon. It’s a great solution to help you start gaining international shoppers straight away. It’s unique, it cost €40 million to build, and it’s yours for just a small sales commission.”

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