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New Menus and Sync Status in Linnworks.Net


We are excited to announce that we made a big change to last week. Having gathered feedback from the Linnworks community, we have been able to make some significant modifications to the new interface. We welcomed the chance to improve our system and a big THANK YOU to our Linnworks customers for helping us with this. 

New Menus

Anyone who has logged into will have spotted that the menus have undergone a major redesign. These new menus provide a range of benefits for our users, and include:

  • Easier navigation for Linnworks users.
  • More space for using the system.
  • Some screens now provide a more intuitive feel.
  • Much more attractive and easier to use UI for new and existing customers.
  • Technical Support embedded on every screen.

For a sneak peak of the new menus, there is a screen shot below. Alternatively, log in to and take a look for yourself.


Remember, any Linnworks user has access to included in their subscription, including trials!

Sync Status

As part of the new release, we have also unveiled the new sync status tool bar. This tool bar will help you know exactly when your information is being synced and if there have been any errors. Located in the top right corner, you easily open and close it while working within Linnworks.


The two big changes that have been implemented last week are just the start of a range of updates and changes to the system in the coming months, so make sure you keep an eye out!


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