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New model to align unlimited 24/7 support to all customers at a fair price

In a bid to improve the user experience for all customers, we recently announced plans to offer unlimited 24/7 support across all pricing tiers, and we are pleased to confirm that we expect to introduce this change in the coming months.


This decision ultimately reflects the needs of our customers, with the findings from our recent support survey showing that 86% of you voted that access to 24/7 phone support, live chat and ticket support, would improve your Linnworks experience.

Overall, the feedback we received confirmed that there is an evident requirement to extend and improve our technical support offering, and as such we have committed ourselves to this project and will not only ensure that every single customer has access to unlimited 24/7 support, but that they also receive a much better experience when contacting our support team. This change will also see us migrate from our internal support system to Freshdesk, the world’s leading support management solution.

In addition to this, we have hired extra Customer Support Representatives, who are currently undergoing intensive training, and we will carry on investing in and growing this team until we are satisfied that there is enough manpower to meet both existing and future demands. 

In order to accommodate these changes and fully meet your needs, however, we will be changing our pricing model. Specifically, this new pricing model will be based on user licenses and will exclude any limits to functionality. We also don’t believe in charging commission or costs per transaction charges, so the new pricing will still be a flat monthly or yearly fee, with no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

This simplified, user-based pricing model means that the more users your company requires, the more you will have to pay for your subscription, and vice versa. This is good news for all customers who are currently paying for higher-tier plans (i.e. PRO and Enterprise), just so they can access Live Chat and phone support.

“Our goal is to ensure that every single customer gets access to unlimited 24/7 support and are not being limited based on the package they are on, by no later than early 2017. Migrating thousands of customers onto a new pricing model and ensuring that we are offering an outstanding level of support is no easy task, but 86% of our customers wanted this to happen and it’s our responsibility to listen to their needs and make sure that we succeed.”

Anton Tshubarov, Support Manager

As a result of this change, all customers will be requested to migrate to our revised model, with at least 3 months’ notice period, and certainly not before the year ends. This provides you with the flexibility to decide when you would like to transition to this new plan, particularly if you’ll find the new pricing model cheaper or are willing to pay extra sooner, in order to receive unlimited 24/7 support prior to the busiest time of the year.

Equally, those of you that will find it more expensive than your current subscription, won’t be forced to move onto the revised model until early next year, after which you will be able to re-evaluate your business and make the right decision moving forward.

This pricing change will coincide with the introduction of 24/7 support, and we expect to release full details of the revised pricing plans in the coming months.

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