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Parcel Station

Cross-Border Trade - Making Europe Profitable for the UK

Please read the below if you would like to know how to reduce your shipping costs to Europe. A delivery to Germany could cost as little as £3.95*.

UK businesses like yours have been able to increase revenue streams and discover new markets within Europe. However, with increased volume comes increased challenge and complexity. What if you could simplify and consolidate your shipping operation within Europe, maximise efficiencies, and cut costs? With us you can.

If you're reading this, you already recognise that e-commerce is the fastest growing market in Europe. Retail sales in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Spain are expected to reach a combined total of £112.2 billion in 2014. Statistics from the US suggest their sales will reach $306 billion this year.

As a UK retailer, you will no doubt be experiencing some of this growth. However, you may not be experiencing as much of it as you should be.

Europe commands a high percentage of the global online retail market. The UK is number one with a 13.5% share. The US is second with 11.6% and Germany is third with a 9.75% share of global e-commerce sales. We, in the UK, are in a prime position to capitalise on these statistics.

Parcel Station provides some of the lowest delivery costs available in the UK; it has also developed a multi-carrier solution that integrates with any software platform. We are ideal if you;

  • are aiming to reduce delivery costs into Europe
  • wish to expand into Europe
  • want to reduce delivery costs overall

The current climate is perfect for taking the opportunity we at Parcel Station have to offer.

Get in touch with James Hayes to find out more.

0161 477 9800 - 07725 184 152


*price depends on shipping volume

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