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Q&A with Linn Systems' CEO Fedor Dzjuba

Following the soft launch of, we managed to grab a coffee with CEO and Founder, Fedor Dzjuba, who talks about the new product’s features.

Fedor, you’ve got a huge grin on your face. You’re clearly excited about today’s soft launch. Tell us what makes so special?

Is it that obvious? (laughs). Yes, I think it’s fair to say the whole company is pretty excited today. has been two years in the making, so today is the culmination of the entire team’s incredible hard work. We’ve designed the very first online automation software to combine the power of a desktop application while running in a browser. We’ve radically reimagined the existing Linnworks system, so customers will get the same high-quality software they’ve come to expect, but with the latest HTML5 and Web API technologies under the hood to make it incredibly fast. It contains all the essential tools for managing online businesses and the kind of functionality and speed usually only found in desktop software.

You mention desktop software. How exactly does differ from the existing desktop version, Linnworks?

Well, for a start, it’s faster. In fact, it’s the one of the fastest systems of its kind ever developed. will be closest thing you’ll ever get to real-time business information. And it won’t slow down with high loads during peak times, like Christmas when businesses find their orders go through the roof. Standard web applications often let you down, with sluggish updates or response times due to the limitations inherent with HTML. So we’ve removed these limitations and given our users desktop capability with a web-based application.

What are the benefits to customers?

Because our customers are often dealing with thousands of orders and inventory items at a time, and are time-poor, we know they need something that’s responsive and reliable. And because it’s accessible on all major platforms, including iOS and Android, and available on tablet too, being away from your computer doesn’t mean missing an order or transaction. We’ve also designed to be an open system, so customers can customise it to suit their own needs without our involvement. For the hard launch, we’re working on a system that’s self-fixing and stays bug-free. So if there’s ever a glitch, our developers will sort it before you even realise.

Thinking about existing Linnworks desktop users, can both systems be used together?

Yep, absolutely. They’re completely compatible. Both versions connect to the same database, so the information is automatically synced. Some settings are system-specific, but that doesn’t affect functionality when you’re using one or the other.

With the evolution of are you planning to retire the desktop version?

No. We don’t believe there’s any benefit in forcing existing customers to migrate over to If customers want to switch applications, we’ve got all the support in place to help them. And it’s very easy to do. But we know some users might prefer desktop software over web-based, or may not want to change their business practices at all. We understand that.

So today is a soft launch. What features can we expect to see?

How much time have you got? There’s almost too many to list! We predict the system is between 75-80% ready, so you’ve got pretty much all you need to get going. You can add and track products and SKUs across channels, create bulk listings, process orders and returns. And that’s all in real time. We’ve designed the main dashboard to provide helpful overviews and financials. Plus, you can make warehouse transfers from multiple locations, and integrate shipping. Have I missed anything? Oh yes, data is auto synced across devices almost instantly.

People can get in touch with our team by email or live chat to get an update on the status of any function.

What updates will be included in the future?

Absolutely everything you can find on Linnworks Desktop, and then some. will include even more websites and channels, and further integrations too – so you’ll find more marketplaces, shipping couriers, and even accountancy platforms. It’s got the lot.

You spoke earlier about it being an open system. Can you talk to us a bit more about how the open system works, and what the app store will offer?

It was really important to us during the design stages to make sure we created something developers could contribute to. First off, all the user interface is in open source code – so anyone can see how it’s written, what it’s doing, and use it as the basis to write their own. And developers can gain access into the internals of the browser and their web application. This open source format means that customers can adapt to better suit their business needs. And developers can create modules for existing users and sell them in the upcoming Linnworks App Store, maximising their revenue.

We’re really proud that ours is the only platform on the market using the open system concept. Our competitors can’t simply add this kind of functionality on top of their existing offering – they’d have to rewrite all their operating systems from scratch. So we’ve got something very different, and we’re truly leading the way.

How can people interested in trying out get started?

Lots of ways. You can see how the system works by attending one of our no-commitment webinars. We’ve created a whole bunch of new how-to videos. We’ve got helpful set up services, and even online training.

You started our conversation saying the Linn Systems team have worked incredibly hard getting to the soft launch. What’s next?

I’m throwing a party! The whole team deserve a reward for working so tirelessly to get out into the world. I’m very proud of them all, and what we’ve created together. After that, we’re back to work – getting in useful feedback from our soft launch users, and then there’s the hard launch to prepare for. 

Will that get a party too?

Watch this space!

 If have any questions about or want to find out more, complete our simple contact form and one of the team will be in touch.

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