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Sellers Choice in eCommerce

Sellers Choice in eCommerce

Choice in eCommece



A collaboration of independent sellers have recently kick started an independent initiative - ‘Choice in eCommerce’. The project has been designed to campaign against platform bans and to fight unilateral bans that some brands are using to prevent their authorised sellers from retailing their products via online marketplaces such as eBay & Amazon. As an online retailer, these bans will be detrimental to you, your customers and most importantly eCommerce as a whole!

“eCommerce has become an essential part of total trade. It drives growth in European and global economies. It promotes the interests of consumers thanks to an unparalleled selection of products and services with transparent information, offers and prices. It inspires technical innovation, such as mobile commerce. “ - Choice in eCommerce.

When our friends at eBay informed us of this initiative, we decided we wanted to get involved and promote this initiative to our online retail network. Last year Linnworks aided sellers in processing over 1Billion in transactions – let’s work together to not only maintain that figure, but excel it this year.

The Key Issues

  • A growing number of brand owners and manufacturers are restricting internet trade, for example using contract terms to stop sellers from selling goods on Internet marketplaces.
  • Increasingly, sales via online marketplaces and other websites are being prevented, not just of luxury items but also everyday stuff, like kids’ toys and electronics – second hand or new!
  • The justification from those imposing the bans is that they want the best possible internet presentation for any of their goods sold on the internet, which means limiting where their goods can be sold. But blanket bans, not just of initial sales but all sales, are a step too far and there is no justification for onerous sales conditions or demands that internet retailers must have an offline retail store before they can sell online. Above all, private individuals should be able to resell items that they have paid for legitimately.

What you are signing the petition for

  • Manufacturers to refrain from placing across-the-board prohibitions and limitations on eCommerce. We ask that they collaborate with all stakeholders, especially sellers and marketplace providers, to use their products on the internet in the best possible way.
  • National and European policy-makers and public authorities to deal effectively with unneccesary restrictions of eCommerce, such as sales bans on multiple marketplaces

How can I get involved?

You can get involved and take part by signing the petition. By signing the petition, you can help put an end to online sales bans and promote a fair eCommerce retail landscape in Europe! If you would like to contribute – sign here!

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