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Why You Should Extend Your Returns Policy For COVID-19

Depending on your current business situation, it’s likely that you will be slowing down your processes. Perhaps you have less warehouse employees while many of your office-based administrative workers are now remote.

At the same time, however, people are buying more online and therefore the level of returns may be increasing for your company. So, what exactly should this process look like now?

Popular brands, such as ASOS, John Lewis and Vans, have updated their returns policies to reflect COVID-19. Some have extended their returns window up to 90 days in order to alleviate stress from customers and ensure that they comply with social distancing guidelines.

Not only does a prolonged returns window reduce the risk of return, but it will also help your business to regulate orders while closed or if you’ve seen a decrease in orders.

Times are stressful for everyone right now, so give your customers the reassurance that they can return at a later date and keep providing a stellar customer experience. 

Best practices for your returns policy

Did you know that 68% of shoppers view returns policies before making a purchase? And that 56% of shoppers are deterred from shopping due to an eCommerce site's returns policies?

Now more than ever, these figures are likely to be even higher. Ensuring that you communicate your updated returns policy effectively is key to mitigate consumer worry during the pandemic.

As such, here are some best practices for your returns policy:

  • Extend your returns window for up to 90 days to show empathy for the situation and give your customers the confidence they can return items later.
  • Keep your language simple and concise to ensure your communication is understood.
  • State your timeframes explicitly and ensure the policy is highly visible on your site.
  • State the expected condition returned items need to be in to avoid any dispute.
  • Consider offering free returns to give customers an extra layer of security.

For more guidance on the above points and to access a free returns policy template, have a read of our returns guide over on our eCommerce blog. 

How do I extend my returns policy in Linnworks?

Extending your returns timeframe in Linnworks is simple. 

If you’ve used Linnworks to create your eBay listings, then your returns policies are already stored against your listing configurators.

To update them, go to Settings > Configurators, change the policies on a configurator you want to update, then revise those configurators.

For more information on returns in Linnworks, visit our documentation guide. You can also check out our brand new video demonstration here:


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