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Linn Focus July 2018


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As a Linnworks user, you need to be kept informed. You and your business can perform best when you take advantage of new features, and have time to prepare for important changes. That's why we've started a monthly product spotlight series called Linn Focus.

In a few short minutes, the spotlight video below will get you up to speed with all the big changes coming to Linnworks soon.


Interested in a specific feature?

Take a deep dive with one of our developers to learn exactly how you can take advantage of these updates as soon as they're released!


Purchase Orders:We've been making some big changes to Purchase Orders over the past few weeks. Check out how we're improving stock value calculations, as well as extending email functionality.


Processed Orders: Jamie walks us through all the changes he's been making in the past few weeks to make the processed orders screen faster, and how he's made it easier to search.


Returns and Refunds: Fuzz has been hard at work improving how our returns and refunds work behind the scenes. He's also included a few visual changes to how returns are raised, and enhancements to permissions to give you more control over who can create, edit and action returns and refunds.


eBay PBSE: eBay's new product-based selling experience is starting to affect more and more sellers. See what we're doing to support this new type of listing, and learn how you can make your listings PBSE compliant.


Duplex Printing: Learn how to take advantage of double sided labels, as Chris from shipping shows us how he's updated Linnworks to support duplex thermal printers.


Our annual eCommerce event is right around the corner! In this short live video, Chris and Gabrielle talk about what you can expect from Linn Academy this year. With talks from Linnworks developers, and one to one sessions, you're sure to walk away knowing more about Linnworks than ever before.

  That's it for our July spotlight. If you've got any questions about any of these features, don't forget to leave a comment, and check back next month to see what else our developers have in store!