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The Power Of Packaging And On-Time Delivery

In the eCommerce industry, your opportunities to make an impression on customers during the initial phases of the selling process are primarily limited to the digital world: your website, social media, email marketing, and customer service.

Getting your product into their hands is the best way to guarantee a repeat customer (if you have a sound product).

That’s why ensuring your product arrives on time and in excellent condition is of extreme importance to your company. This is the biggest impact you can have on your customer's initial experience with you, so make sure it arrives when you say it will and with everything in tact.

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It’s The Little Things That Count

The phrase “showing up is half the battle” is very relevant here. Simply ensuring your product arrives in the the state you said it would is a huge step in gaining your customer’s trust.

Quality check before shipping and use appropriate padding and packaging.

For an added bonus, include something branded from your company. Making the unboxing of your product enjoyable is a huge plus. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Choose Wisely

Sadly, delivery is often times not within our full control. This is why investigating your shipping company’s reputation and also monitoring your current on-time vs. late deliveries is essential.

The means in which your product arrives at a customer’s doorstep is directly correlated with the product itself. If someone orders a shirt from you that arrives two weeks late, they will now have a negative view of your company.

While it may not be a deal breaker, it’s an easy way to lose trust, or gain it.

When a customer orders your product, make sure the following happens:

  • It arrives well within the promised time frame. That way, any plans they may have had can still be carried out, instead of being delayed by a late shipment.

  • Ensure that the packaging is simple and efffective.

  • Use plenty of packing materials, and package it well. That will make a positive impression on your customer and leave them wanting more.

Your packaging is your opportunity to define your brand after the first or even second sale has been made. Showcase your brand's personality, or even demonstrate the care you take for each customer.

Tell them "we care about quality, so we made sure that your item arrived safe and sound."

Placing the necessary importance on packaging and on-time delivery is a great start to providing a killer customer experience.

With these simple practices you can expect plenty of repeat business. 

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