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Top Tips For Perfect eBay Listings

We recently sat down with our partners at Frooition to put together some top tips to help you make those eBay listings perfect. 

Frooition have been helping eBay sellers of all sizes improve their eBay listings and increase their sales for over 10 years. During this time we have refined and improved our designs and services to help sellers get the best out of their eBay listings.

ebay_listings-min.jpg1.    Keep it simple

While you should be including all relevant product information into your listings, they should be kept simple in order to avoid overcomplicating them. Ultimately your customers should be able to see what exactly the product is and where the relevant sections are. What this means is you should keep your product details in one section, images in another and your terms in a seperate section. Again, make sure your listings actually tell people what you are selling. 

Many sellers often dot images throughout their listings in order to "break up" the listing. We would recommend that you avoid this, for the simple reason that many buyers make a large proportion of their buying decision from your images, and they should therefore be clear to see and towards the top of the listing.

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We always recommend that sellers display all of their product photos in one gallery section at the top of the page. This means a buyer can clearly see all the images in one place and quickly flick through all the images prior to reading the description. 

2.    Use large, clear images

Make sure every detail of you product is clearly visible on your product photos. If there is a scratch on the item, document it. By clearly describing the fault and taking a photo, it not only reduces nagative feedback, but in the event of a complaint, you are fully covered. If possible use large images over 1200px on the longest edge on a white background, as this gives your images a more professional look and highlights the product.

Frooition recommend that sellers have a function to enlarge the product image for a closer look. This way the listing looks good on smaller screens and allows the buyer to zoom in for a closer look. It also ensures that you don’t have to scroll several pages to read the description.

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3.    Shout about your brand

Make your listings personal to your business, by picking a few unique points that will convince buyers to purchase from you rather than your competition.

Every listing should have your company name and branding clearly displayed, so you can start to build a following. Buyers will recognise your brand and hopefully remember the good experience they received last time. You should also keep branding consistent on your packaging and invoices in your packages.

4.    Show buyers what else you do

Utilise the eBay store feature and display your category tree on all of your listings. This not only associates your brand with other product types, but allows buyers to navigate through your inventory rather than going back to the eBay core search and visiting your competitors.

When displaying your full category tree, it is important that there are no dead links that could confuse buyers and lead to lost sales. With Frooition the category tree is loaded dynamically from the eBay API, meaning there are never dead links to empty category, ensuring a good buying experience.

5.    Offer alternative products

A fantastic feature of most websites is to offer alternative products, and this is also a winner on eBay listings. Linking through to related products or accessories can be a great way to increase sales or add additional sales to each basket.

Consider offering an upgraded version of the current product, as well as any accessories that would complement the current item. Again, it is important to ensure that you do not link through to dead links or out of stock items.

Frooition dynamically pull in cross promoted items based on the category, in order to ensure sellers have relevant items on every listing and no dead links. If an item sells out, another item is shown in the cross promotion area.

6.    Replicate your title in your description

A really simple tactic is to replicate your title at the top of your listing, creating a nice entrance into the description area, while also helping to cover any missing information in the description. More importantly it can help towards eBay’s search algorithm (Cassini).

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7.    Keep important information in a separate area

Sellers will usually have lots of important information that are the same for every listing, such as terms and conditions, refund policies and shipping options. This information should be easy to read but also separated from the product description in order to avoid confusing buyers.

Do be aware that information such as your returns policy should also be available in the relevant areas in eBay as well as in the description.

At Frooition we provide a seller info tab section that allow sellers to provide the same info across all listings in a clean tabbed area that is easy to navigate without making listings longer.

8. Professional Design

To make the most of your eBay listings we recommend using a professional eBay design service that is compatible with Linnworks such as our Frooition Professional eBay Design solutions.

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