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eBay Active Content: Best Practices For Compliant Listings

Andrew Pinner | August 18, 2016 | Comments

This is a guest blog post from Andrew Pinner at Frooition.

eBay announced in its Spring 2016 Seller Release that it will be putting a stop to the use of Active Content – JavaScript, Flash, Form Actions and plug-ins – within eBay listings.

The reason for this imminent ban being that active content inhibits purchases on mobile devices, and further poses potential security risks.

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eBay vs Amazon

Aimee Manning | July 15, 2016 | Comments

We should start by saying that despite the title of this article being eBay vs Amazon, there’s no actual reason you need to restrict yourself to selling on one or the other, in fact both have its advantages and can offer differing benefits, based on your business area and requirements.

That said, if you are only just starting out with marketplace selling, you might want to choose one to initially focus on, which leads us back to the question – Amazon or eBay?

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How To Sell More On eBay (Updated For 2020)

Aimee Manning | July 14, 2016 | Comments

There are huge opportunities for any online seller looking to grow their business on eBay, the problem is that despite the site’s global reach and large active customer base, simply having a presence on the marketplace isn’t enough to secure visibility and generate sales.

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Your eBay Store: Design, Marketing And Branding

Nat Libby | June 15, 2016 | Comments

When it comes to selling on eBay, standing out can be challenging. With more than 25 million online sellers, the competition is rife and winning a steady stream of sales is tough.

Thankfully, there are ways around this.

From improving your eBay store design, making use of marketplace tools or optimising your eBay product listings, there’s a lot you can do to stand out and improve your sales.

In this article, we discuss both branding and marketing opportunities on eBay and how you can utilise these strategies to your advantage. You’ll find out how to optimise your eBay store design, product listings and how to protect your reputation and go from strength to strength.

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eBay announce imminent plans to remove active content

Aimee Manning | June 10, 2016 | Comments


For those of you selling on eBay, it’s important that you’re aware of their imminent plans to remove the use of active content within your listings. This active content removal, which will come into place in early 2017, will prohibit the use of JavaScript, Flash, plug-ins and form actions being used on your eBay listings.

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