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Social Shopping: How To Set Up A Facebook Store

Nat Libby | February 24, 2016 | Comments

With close to two billion active users, Facebook is indeed a lucrative option for online sellers looking to target a plethora of potential customers. And now, with the platform’s selling online store function, it makes perfect sense for you to be selling on Facebook.

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Social Commerce Is A Real Thing That You Should Be Aware Of

Shawn Muthraja | February 2, 2016 | Comments

Social commerce is a term that's been getting a lot of attention, particularly from businesses who make a large number of their sales online. While it sounds fairly straightforward, the idea of social commerce is more sophisticated than many people give it credit for. Social commerce can make a big difference to a business's overall reputation and sales, and it’s something you need to be taking into account as your business grows.

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How to get the most out of the latest ecommerce trends with linnworks

Aimee Manning | January 28, 2016 | Comments


As an online retailer, it's important that you are not only aware of the upcoming trends in the eCommerce industry, but that you are also in a position to capitalise on these trends to effectively benefit your business. Here is how you can capitalise on the biggest trends in eCommerce, through the use of an order management system such as Linnworks.

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Key Takeaways From The Baymard Institute's eCommerce Checkout Usability Study

Shawn Muthraja | January 26, 2016 | Comments

Everyone has thoughts on how to make eCommerce checkout more customer-friendly and streamlined to increase sales.

But Baymard Institute went ahead and conducted a study over the course of several months to determine what really works, and what doesn't.

The Baymard team tested over 500 usability issues on fifteen of the biggest eCommerce websites, including American Apparel, Zappos, 1-800-Flowers, Newegg, and Walmart.

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What Are The Worst Times Of Year To Sell Online?

Nat Libby | January 24, 2016 | Comments

If someone asked you when the best times of year to sell online are, you’d probably tell them the holidays. But, when you’re going through a slow month, ramping up your inventory and marketing spend can be a difficult decision to make.

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