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How To Get Followers On Pinterest For Your Business

Aimee Manning | November 9, 2016 | Comments

Pinterest is an incredibly valuable social platform, particularly for retailers in the fashion and homeware industries. As such, it is becoming increasingly used to generate brand awareness, drive website traffic and boost online sales.

The problem, however, is that in order to be successful in using this channel to achieve eCommerce success, you must have a big Pinterest following who will engage with your business.

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Pinterest users can drive revenue with the re-introduction of affiliate links

Aimee Manning | June 9, 2016 | Comments

Despite banning affiliate links on their site only last year, Pinterest has recently announced that it has reversed this decision and is once again enabling users to make use of affiliate links within their pins.

The initial decision to prohibit affiliate links was made because spammers were abusing the system; however, in a bid to avoid this happening again, the visual social curation site have made some updates to their acceptable use policy.

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