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What Is A SKU Number In Retail?

Emily Usher | July 25, 2019 | Comments

Whether you’re preparing to launch your online retail store or simply looking to better organise your vast inventory, there are benefits to having a strong SKU architecture in place.

But what exactly are SKUs? Why are they so important? And are you using them effectively?

This article aims to give you a greater understanding of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), with examples of practical uses so you can improve how SKUs are utilised in your eCommerce business.

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Topics: Inventory Management, Inventory Management Software, SKU

7 Things You Could Be Doing Instead Of Manually Entering Order Numbers And SKUs

Shawn Muthraja | December 25, 2015 | Comments

You've just finished uploading all your images for your business and it has taken longer than you anticipated. Now you've got to go in and manually enter order numbers and SKUs in a different window. You're flipping back and forth between multiple screens and look at the time only to find that you're now officially on hour ten of what was supposed to be an eight-hour shift.

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Topics: Inventory Management, SKU