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Upcoming Changes To Linnworks User Sessions

Please be aware that we will soon be rolling out some major changes to the way that user sessions work in Linnworks, in a bid to improve the overall stability of the system and eliminate any logging out issues, something that we are aware has been an issue for some customers in the past.

If you are an existing Linnworks user, please do familiarise yourself with the changes, before we begin rolling them out this Saturday (16th July).

User Management and Permissions


Following this release, each user will only be able to access the system once at a time, and if you attempt to log in again from another computer, you will be prompted to close your existing active session. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you create separate user accounts for each person, so that you can assign the correct permissions for them and make your system safer. This will also help you to track user activity, view the entire audit trail of events.


We will no longer count App Store sessions, meaning you can use as many apps as you want.


System reliability will increase, as we have improved session management logic and will use new highly reliable data storage for sessions. This will solve the historical problem of users being unreasonably kicked out of


We are beginning to use a new, more automated deployment method, which will minimise the server’s downtime during new patch releases, while also simplifying the process. This means that we will be able to react to your problems and launch fixes faster.


We are happy to announce that going forward, our servers will be placed under a load balancer, in order to avoid resource overload and to minimise response time. In addition, all static files will be stored in different regions, will dramatically increase site loading speed from the US and Asia. Moreover, we will set up API servers for each region of your database to decrease transfer time between data storage and API.

While we will initially release these changes to this Saturday, 16th July, please note that the changes to Desktop won’t be released until the following Saturday, 23rd July.

For this functionality to work properly, however, you will need to ensure that each user has their own account with the right level of privileges set.

Should you have any problems or questions about these upcoming changes, please contact the technical support team, or alternatively send an email to

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