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Upcoming changes to Locations

To allow for more clarity on which orders can be processed when working with Locations (Non Fulfilment Centres), we have made some updates to Linnworks desktop and have outlined these changes below.

How does this update affect me?

  • If you do not have any additional locations defined in Linnworks and currently only work with Default, the update will not affect you
  • If your additional locations are only Fulfilment Centres and you are already using the automated imports and exports for this, the update will not affect you
  • If you have additional locations that include a warehouse(s) that is owned by you and used to fulfil orders through Linnworks, you will need to be aware of the changes detailed below
  • If you have a single location linked to a channel for stock, all orders will be automatically assigned to this location, even if it is a Fulfilment Centre or Amazon FBA

What are the changes to Linnworks desktop?

  1. The drop-down list will also include locations that are not fulfilment centres
  2. A new option will be added to the right click menu: Action > Bulk Change > Move to Location
  3. When a Location is selected, only Open Orders assigned to this location will be visible
  4. Default will only show orders assigned to Default and will no longer include orders assigned to other non-fulfilment centre locations
  5. Channels that use a single location for inventory synchronisation will have all orders automatically allocated, based on the same logic that previously assigned the order items to a location


When processing orders, stock deductions will work with the Location defined in Open Orders and not take into account the value in Settings > Application Settings > My Location, other than to set the Location when the Open Orders screen is first accessed.

The major advantage of this is that the staff who use the system will only see orders that are directly related to the location they are working in, and subsequently won't be able to accidently despatch orders from the wrong location, which could result in incorrect tracking of stock levels, leading to overselling.

What about my scripts that assign orders to a location?

If you have a script that assigns a location to order items using the following sample code, then the system will automatically set the location at Order level when the order is saved. This does, however, require all items in the order to have been assigned to the same location.

// itterate through all order items and set Location
foreach(OrderItem i in order.OrderItems)   
 {i.fkLocationId = pkLocationId;}
// save the changes to the order


If your script uses any other method to assign the order item location, or allows for different locations to be set within a single order, you will need to adjust your script. This is because an order can only be assigned to a single location, and you therefore might not see the order in the location you expect it to be.

What about

Open Orders in has already been designed to display orders by the location that they are assigned to, so you can use Linnworks desktop and in exactly the same way to process orders by Location and have stock deducted correctly.


When are these changes taking place?

The planned date for the release of this functionality is 9th July 2016.

After the update has taken place you will need to restart Linnworks desktop to ensure that you see the correct orders for the location that you are in.

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