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User voice: Guiding the future of Linnworks

Linnworks has always maintained a User Voice account, the system is where customers go to suggest new features and functionality they would like to see. In the past, this system has been neglected but at the recent Linn Academy event, Linnworks system architect Fedor announced that User Voice had recently been radically updated and taking much more seriously.

Going forward, Uservoice will be directly integrated within the Linnworks development process, meaning a lot of great ideas our customers and users come up with will now be implemented directly into the system and come to fruition much quicker than ever before.

“It is our customers who give us the fuel to build the best system we can.”

Artem, Head of Business Development – Linn Academy 2015

As a completely self-funded company, Linnworks and Linn Systems has got to where we are today due to the dedication and commitment shown by our customers. We are the largest system of our kind in the world and immensely proud of that fact. With the changes made with the launch of including:

  • Improvements to the development process
  • Re-build and re-focus of the User Voice
  • Proactive support
  • And further changes to follow.

We are aiming to put the customer at the centre of everything we do and continue to build the best system we can and to help the most customers we can manage their business, the smarter way!

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