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Variations are Changing – Phased Release

Variations phased rollout Linnworks


Linnworks is changing the way a variation is defined to enable enhanced functionality – with this release we have introduced the concept of a Parent Variation SKU.

This will allow you to:

  • Have a Variation Item SKU that can exist as a child of multiple Parent Variation SKU’s
  • The Variation Item SKU only needs the variation Specific Properties for listing purposes
  • The Variation Parent SKU can contain shared properties for listing purposes, all properties that were taken from the main item are no taken from the variation item.

Your system will be migrated in a phased roll out, so please check your emails for notifications of when your account will be migrated.

Here are some links explaining how the new Variations work:

Searching, Adding and Editing the Variation Groups

Listing with the new variations

Linnworks Changelog for the Variations Phased Rollout

New Data Import Tool Fields and Example File

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