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Why Your eCommerce Product Pages Are More Important Than Your Homepage

When most business owners think about web design, they think about how they can improve their homepage. They want something that looks pleasing and ropes people in, encouraging them to browse their products.

The problem is, this isn't always the main focus of your customer.

In this article, we explore why your product pages are more important than your homepage and share insight into how you can quickly enhance your own online store.

Product Pages Get More Traffic

Think about how you browse the web.

You don't typically search for a brand name, you usually search for a solution. When you search for a solution, such as bug bomb.

Therefore, you are more likely to come across an actual product page than a company's homepage. Focusing on enhancing these pages allows you to make a good first impression.

More Room for SEO

While SEO is important on all of your website's pages, it is critical for product pages.

Having unique product descriptions and images doesn't just set you apart from the competition, it helps you improve your site's ranking as a whole. Your product pages can be lengthy and detailed, allowing search engines to pick up your pages as unique and useful.

his also encourages visitors to save your page as a reference tool or share it.

Product Pages are Shared

Did you know people love to share useful products and services on their social media accounts?

People are much more likely to share an individual product page than a homepage.

As such, having an attractive product page encourages people to share with their friends.

While it's easy to think that your homepage is the most important component of your website, not giving your product pages equal attention during design and optimisation will end up hurting your sales figures in the long run.

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